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Property vs WinneR
"For two out of five members, 90% of their friends placed against them. Those friends had alternative accounts which they also used to bet against them. not a throw? they made skins for friends.. not ...
Property vs WinneR
ohh so if u throw a match in soccer and didn't bet money on the game nothing will happen? that logic fuckface
Property vs WinneR
It shouldn't matter if they get skins or not still a throw
Epsilon release GMX
Finally with all happening ! It's My time to Join my fellow and Lovely Joey "fxy0" S. in Team Epsilon But keep it Secret !!!! Time for Big change ! Time to make Epsilon top 1 world ! at areas facebook
Overrated AWP players?
Im suprised no one said KQLY cuz of cheats^^
Ban was deserved but not an life time ban tbh, the should have been banned for 2-3 years instead
swag: "Deeply sorry to all fans"
thats just not how a normal human being think
ex-iBP withdraw from MLG Aspen
Why are russians so stupid and cant stop flaming? So Freakking toxic
to be honest i hate playing with random swedish people and yes im from sweden
I'm sad.
same here never got any drop.. watched every single game..
Ez-75 fix deagle slot?
there is a HUGE awp/cz problem just watch jw or smithzz play with it and u will see...
thats the most legitmate skybox ever and yes im serious!!1
area answers to fxy0
<3 cly just saying..
Holy shit..
friberg calls for CZ75 removal
cz is not nearly good now it is the most unbalanced gun in csgo..