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VG defeat ESC for third at Mad Catz
Believe me, NaVi are being really strong so in the next tournament they will be in final for sure.
Na`Vi to debut in Vienna
hala nhltv a ??? :S
awesome films
No, it was actually recommended from a serb who said that it was the best movie ever for him, so I recommended it back
awesome films
@ABzV You are a serbian so you must watch I love you Phillip Morris xD
MODDII to step down from fnatic?
I have always hated fnatic only for this reason. They always sent of players who helped them a lot just to win a tournament or better said only for some money. Maybe they should follow Navi in this as...
MODDII to step down from fnatic?
You are right
THOR Open groups announced
dil more naj her hejjjjj
cArn - the most overrated
It could have been better for you to write an essay for school or to do the homework instead of writing this "article" for which I think nobody cares xD.
Natus Vincere vs KerchNET
jo haver gabim e ki se ti gjith qitu je. Une jom te motra jote tu ta qi ndhomen tjeter haha.Edhe a e din qka o ma interesant? O qe une nuk tutna qe um nxen ti se ti je 24 or nhltv haha.
Natus Vincere vs KerchNET
pom doket 24 or ndit qitu po rrishe o vlla
What's wrong with Na'Vi and dissertation on dominating teams.
pom doket 24 or ndit po rrishe o vlla qitu
navi like esc
pom doket 24 or qitu po rrishe o vlla
navi like esc
yes in this tournament yes, but in the near future the will destroy everybody :D
markeloff vs kennyS
Do not make me laugh please. Markeloff it's the best awp player in the world , even in cs:go for sure. You'll realize that soon :D
dsn too :D