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JW wallbang against draken
Haha he did hit some sick shoots on that map.. I like his style of play when it comes to certain maps ^^ So that overpass was a big enjoyment with his awp :D
julliano ass
It's Jumpy from Escape Gaming or what ever team he's playing for with Barbarr :)
Favorite 1.6 team?
Well u didn't really make it well.. U only made a fool of yourself!
Favorite 1.6 team?
3310 the unbreakable xD
Favorite 1.6 team?
Never seen fnatic with fisker.. I know that fisker did play for SK and NiP back in 1.5-1.6
Sweden his CS Era is over !
"Sweden his Era is over" good English..
Good job sir.. but he talks about the brazilian Steel not the North Amurican one
Sweden falling apart
This thread got me brain damaged.. Some people needs to get some stuff straight.. Sweden is a third world country for a while so.. Sure the shooting in Rinkeby is probably an immegrant.. Since t...
Phantomlord got rekt
You're not gonna tell us when he put in 11k and lost to a person who had 8%?
NA is back!
Nah Liquid top 1 since they won the only map for a NA team in a long time
Nt murcian
Paul Walker
Because there is no recemblence between robban and paul walker
Paul Walker
Are you drunk or something?
fREAKAZOiD or Pasha
Pasha isn't that old.. Sure he is older then freaka but i´ve seen people that is way older then pasha look better and bigger..
SKYTTEN aimlock-blunder being ignored?!
Or you the one being a retard.. He won't be banned if that what u want.. neither did Flusha get banned for his "cheat" or did he get banned? Get real u retard.. That´s not cheating..