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metal thread
Really original to kill or commit suicide :) At least Sweden can make some real music compared to Norway :) and not only metal genre, overall!
metal thread
Comes from a Norweigan who have had 1 or 2 good metal bands over the past 20 years.. To bad that they either commit suicide or kill each other when it comes to Norweigan metal :)
dreamchasers vs ArchAngels
Old teammates go against each other.. Kalle vs Pronax haha..
JW wallbang against draken
Haha he did hit some sick shoots on that map.. I like his style of play when it comes to certain maps ^^ So that overpass was a big enjoyment with his awp :D
CPH Wolves vs Orbit
I bet they're tryouts and not complete members yet..
Europe All-Stars vs Americas All-Stars
Won't be anyone from fnatic since cArn said that fnatic have left USA already to prepare for the next event..
Favorite 1.6 team?
Well u didn't really make it well.. U only made a fool of yourself!
Favorite 1.6 team?
3310 the unbreakable xD
Favorite 1.6 team?
Never seen fnatic with fisker.. I know that fisker did play for SK and NiP back in 1.5-1.6
YP Ladies vs dAT fe
Sorry but im not silver like 99% of the russians is..
YP Ladies vs dAT fe
Well let me know when Russia will have a team full of Ruskis that make any type of impact IN CSGO :) btw, its people like u who make russians hated in Matchmaking
YP Ladies vs dAT fe
Stats are not everything in a game u retard..
YP Ladies vs dAT fe
I can tell that u know nothing about CSGO.. Go back to CoD or something
YP Ladies vs dAT fe
Go and do some crocodile.. I wonder how stupid u really are atm.. Saying that Karrigan is bad and blablabla.. He would rape u any day of the week in CSGO.. Ofc his best ability is teamplay si...