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ELO system is Biased
"it helps the big name team but is worse for new comers. they are already in pressure and you gave them strongest opponent. and some other teams who have big names though not in great form get easier ...
Apex Legends......
Pubg is the slowest, the most boring and the most broken
So basically she just outright said she's a golddigger. Sure mate, go for it
I'm fine with my life, thanks for the concern, insecure dumbfuck
He has a talent as well and invested thousands of hours in developing it so what are you on about? The problem is that he is making money with something he likes? That's just jelly lul
So he became popular in cs and now what? He has to play it till the end of his life? What's your point? And what's your problem with streamers in general? By that logic actors shouldn't earn anything ...
guitar players
Depends on what you want to play a lot, what kind of music are you into. In any case my advice is to train your ear. Throw away the tabs and try to learn the songs by ear. It will be hard at first but...
Double post wtf
Also niko will be remembered as a whiny bitch and the reason why his teams can't win anything, even despite him putting up numbers
Oh jeez how can all these girls live their lives now that they know you hate them
gla1ve finally busted
On the bottom left, shithead. Look at the video above, you can see his feet.
gla1ve finally busted
Even on this 144p video you can see a fucking gap in the smoke, cmon, you can do better
What's so difficult in understanding that their goal wasn't to qualify, they wanted to play and have fun. I understand that it's beyond your comprehension, but there are people who have the ability to...
They didn't thyhard at all, lol. And if the teams who take the game seriously can't win over a bunch of ex pro players who don't even play anymore this team is just not good enough to be in the next s...
Not really, one day you'll grow up and understand that there are other things in life besides cs. He would be an asshole if he didn't tell it to his teammates beforehand. They knew and they were fine ...