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Forum posts
best rapper
He WAS a decent rapper, is a decent producer and a mediocre designer.
best rapper
I haven't, but I'll definitely check up on it. Always looking out for something new to feature on my playlists.
I was also like, what the fuck? They were shit four-five years ago.
best rapper
His album is absolutely impeccable, too. I don't really like anybody else from the Danish scene, but he's dope. I highly recommend you to check out his Galvanize album.
best rapper
best rapper
Pac, Cole, KRS, Nas, Cube, Rakim, 3000, Em, RA, Prevail, MadChild, Moka, Merk, DOC, Bone, Pun and Manus Bell.
best rapper
That's a pretty decent list, although I strongly disagree on Kendrick.
mousesprots, why karrigan?
He never got carried by olof, though. Olof is by far the worst of the team.
At least you didn't say "Chinks", because _that_ would be extremely condescending towards Asians.
Liquid - MIBR major final discussion
Are you having a laugh? This is some of the most ridiculous shit I've read in a long time. Astralis 2-0 comfortably. 2-1 in the final against Liquid.
The best of all fucking time
Esport structures economy
They have a ton of sponsors, especially the brand and shirt sponsors have to put down a lot of dough, especially for an organization on the scale of G2, Fnatic, Liquid and so forth. On top of that, a ...
Esport structures economy
Any reputable organization would let at least 80% go to the players.
Esport structures economy
There's little to no money made being an organization in CS. Branding, sponsors and VC money of course makes a big difference, but the profit margins are very low. G2 has a huge brand and makes money ...
Xyp9x number 13# is a joke
On the flipside, Coldzera wasn't the best player of 2017 though. He was barely top three.