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Even if Astralis win the next two maps, it takes nothing away from your stupid (false) statement about map 1. You're the stupid autistic kid.
Yeah triggered by absolute dosile cunts who create bullshit threads like this. I've got a great alternative for you. "VP win first map because they are a great team" or "VP just about edge it...
Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt.
Silver Pick'em 12%
I'm on 64 points but can't win anything else now as I had Navi in Semi and Final.. any other year would have been EZ gold.
VP low skilled
Haha such a toxic and incorrect post, gotta love kids who think skill is just about aiming :) 1 dimensional little naabs.
Worst community?
Pick em Question
Too l8 for 8/8 as lots of discussion and other threads about this, so i r8 0/8
Pick em Question
Poor quality bait
Pick'Em FAIL
Seems like it's screwed over a lot of people this time round - very poor from Steam not to give better information on the main pick-em screen. I picked them all and just assumed I could change them if...
GTX 1060, help me please
Remove your new graphics card and just use your onboard graphics. Download DDU and do a full uninstall of your AMD drivers. Then turn your PC off and try putting your Nvidia graphics card in.
GTX 1060, help me please
What graphics card did you have previously? Or were you just using onboard? Can your PSU support your new graphics card/is it powerful enough?
EliGe is fishy
gj hiko fat fuck
I just wanted to say that you're a cunt.
Your PC specs
i7 3770 @ 4.2 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz @ 1866 GTX 970 G1 4GB 250GB Samsung Evo 840 6TB Storage Razer DA2013
I have a 970 it's a great card. It's not stressed at all for CSGO, so take into account what other games you want to play. If CSGO is the only game you play then you could probably get a worse graphic...