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> likes : Thaibox • Friends • MyGirl • Luna (my pitbull) • Design • powertraining/bodybuilding • Good food • ...

> dislikes : bollocks • puberal cunts • out of stash ,'d

> current team : none

> former teams :
• DE plaGe - n/a
• BE LegendsNeverDie - bouhou x666m ludo SiS Xen0n & me
• UK insomnia - snoop Spike Stan ddd Tazzle KaM DmX & me
• BE Cyber.eLiTe - aLBa Reaper Mellow & me
• BE RetributioN - Dubster Dr00py Spp imp pyRo Grump zy0n & me
• UK -bullet- ND Rhyzz Styker DeViL & me
• BE/FR Shizophrenic - sps ZiK JokoS CraxY & me
• BE/NL 9lives - pronine Sagat0 friez0r DeViL calv & me
• BE pixelized - xaLi CorkiE riZa dRt pronine & me
• BE eNuma - xtR FranhaR delle gotti muh & me
• BE eXsurrectuM - wood agar3s FragoN imBro DevoN reQuorter & me
• UK 9lives - Mahon Wunda jim tQbes & me
• BE Anvers - chico amnE Ghosyt illu Lilou & me
• GR #nSt-Gaming (eSports-LKI Intel Challenge 5th place)
• BE bullet.proof - pexz xonia lolle alexz & me

> attented lans :
• BE FoM n/a
• UK PIP 1st
• BE MLA 1st
• BE Be@ns CybercafeLAN 1st
• UK CPL (qualification) NorthHampton 3th
• BE PIH.OCC 3th
• BE MultiplayerMadness n/a
• BE CLW 2nd
• UK IntelMasters
irc log
M19|Hehao: how come no games :P
@adio: cs is dead buddy
@Hard2Get: but its not lol
@adio: TRUST ME
@adio: the italians have picked it up, means the end is near

> my regards 2 :
Apollo, wood, NiP|MedioN, vizioN, m4hon, snoop, Rhyzz, DmX, chico, amnE, adio, aitor, ...
Forum posts
played vs gobals
faceit is shit and ur gobals are worse
NBK can never be in a list of top players
of all time? no ElemeNt,HeatoN,Potti,...
[25+] Faze 5th
s1mple or ScreaM inc
Is awp overpowered?
lol overpowered, I'm an awp'r and decent but still awp from 2015 much faster, mobile, ..
Kinguin vs
make one good polish team instead of 2 T3 who cant do anything on international level
rip SCREAM :(
indeed Amanek & ScreaM in G2 would have been a real "super" french team the shit they hav enow in France is just pathetic
Vitality overrated
keep saying it Zywoo should join up with a mix of shox, ScreaM & kennyS and last could be a kioShima,RpK or apEx?
Valiance vs Vitality
cant say it enough remove NBK from any fcking french "super team" lineup, shox,scream,kennyS,RpK and zywoo gogo
FaZe Shox
yeah true thought about amanek aswell
FaZe Shox
-karrigan ofc? he is clearly not the igl everybody thinks he is, failed on Astralis/TSM and imo. in faZe, NiKo is doing way to much..tbh shox wouldnt be that bad for faZe, super great individual playe...
FaZe Shox
true its retarded ShitzZ was bad before, after not playing for more than a year pick him back up? is like who would pay for that? shox,kenny should realize they need a guy like scream for firepower an...
List of guns you shot irl?
when I was a kid at my grandfathers place an old revolver, double barrel hunting rifle and some longrifle, later with ak's,shotguns,smaller pistols
FaZe Shox
shox + scream great combo add players like kennyS,kioShima and ... you have a good french team for first time in like 2years
right wing low education
refugees who get their citizenship mostly vote right bcoz they are like "Im in that's good so lets vote right no others will come"