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actually good music rating thread Try to listen to the entire song and not just the first 1 or 2 minutes please ;D
I just went from 120hz to 240hz and there is a big difference. 60hz is according to me unplayable, I have never played below 100hz. Used my CRT screen until i bought the first LCD with 120hz (xl2410).
Yeah i know. I just read Columbia multiple times in the thread.
The name of the country is spelled Colombia and not Columbia ffs
I would actually prefer Krimz in NIP instead of Get_Right
800 or 1600 Dpi?
Zowie FK2 400 dpi Sens 1.5 6/11 Win
NiP vs NiP 2005
I hope they will restart the match so we dont miss anything, especially the first pistolround of the game!!
NiP vs NiP 2005
Fuck! Talk about bad timing
NiP vs NiP 2005
hahaha I am sitting by myself grinning like an idiot.... so happy right now :D
NiP vs NiP 2005
YES bo3 in 1.6!!
Fragbite stream
I agree that Joe is the best. Walle and Heaton are ok in english and GREAT in swedish. I believe that the problem is that they have to speak english. They cannot be as elaborate as they would in their...
Joe or Rahim?
According to me Joe is by far the best commentator. I really dislike Rahim and if he is the only one that streams a game I have to mute him. Other good commentators are Walle and Heaton (in swedish)...
face the most incosistent player in SK????? What have you been smoking my friend. I would say he is one of the most stable players in professional counter strike. He is insanely important for SK. One ...
Cut Delpan ?
Jeeez they came second after a game where Navi played like never before and SK had a bad day. Delpan is a really important player and SK really needs an awper like him. So instead of removing anyone f...
best mouses today
Haha, you are right about me being very picky about my settings. But I assure you that it isn't the placebo effect there is an actual difference. Haha I just waited for someone to bring that up (the...