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Faceit ban
rather not play for 30 mins then fking playing with incompetents fks that blame you for every kill he misses
well they are 27-1 :))
Mouse recommendation
I recommend this to all my cs friends you will think its not a good mouse but its incredible and everyone switched mionix naos 8200
Device vs s1mple
you can't just get the stats to compare the players because device has much better teammates than s1mple in navi so he doesn't need to frag that much like s1mple.
faze fix
-karrigan +seanGARES !:D my boy
what worst map thats a nonexistent map for astralis :))
Ex6 and Smithzz future?
Smithzz is the worst player in the history of cs:go you can fking pair him up with fiflarren 2 players who are very overrated because they played in the beginning of cs:go
g2 is a bad joke
well vitality is the better them right now. Every fking kennyS fanboy ohh he is the best awper zywoo shits on him in my opinion. You need a stable awper like allu device the flashy awpers are not good...
g2 is a bad joke
I would kick shox and smithzz in a instant if i could get NBK and apex.
g2 is a bad joke
even more than what i said how come they can't fking run a smoke strat and anything?
g2 is a bad joke
who would actually wanna join that team they don't have any good strats and ct setups. Steel just told everyone the only 2 strats they know on inferno and cache and they are together for more than 2 m...
g2 is a bad joke
You said it right G2 is a fking joke all the talk about they are taking their time and whatnot lets be honest here when they win they have guys carry them with insane plays they don't have any teampla...
Most popular people from your country?
Gheorghe Hagi Inna Simona Halep Adrian Mutu Cristi Chivu
I fix any team
EU Water
yea i know i've been there with work and travel program in my university and was a waiter in chicago. when i found out it was pretty weird.