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NIKO ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
he is not muslim bosnia is made out of sebrs , muslims and croats and he a serb. or did u hear that Nicola is a muslim name ?
DKISS vs proWince
nexa + 4 bots vs 5 bots ?
Catalonia is lie
what is big talk? you mean like talking big? imo "no flags" is better for humanity than your pseudo primitive nationalism have a nice day immigrant
Catalonia is lie
i'm agreeing with you. my opinion is just that even in spain a highly developed country democracy is just a charade. if this terrorist den kosovo can have their country or when crimea seperates from...
Catalonia is lie
well i guess that's the reason why they differ from the rest of EU by supporting the serbian side , they don't want the same happening to them xD
Catalonia is lie
guess you're one of those balkan invaders that love their land but all flee to west EU and scandinavia... cooL stuFF
Catalonia is lie
well too bad not all humans are good humans. give them nuclear energy they'll make nukes and kill others, give them rights they'll invade your country , don't obey by the rules , live of your people's...
Catalonia is lie
but they got it and the US and EU support them. so by their own EU/USA rules how exactly should one judge ?
Catalonia is lie
spain doesn't recognize kosovo to be independent lawl
Ashamed of being Spanish
spain didn't stop crimea from merging with russia, china to take tibet or kosova to become independent so why are they being hypocritical when it comes to their country? if catalunya wants to leave sp...
Wtf is Feminism ?
feminism = fat + ugly and cant get any cock so only option is scissoring ez definition
IQ Test ?
how can you assume to get the right information when you're question is leaving out critical information? our brain functions on probability it's more probable that there is a brother and a sister tha...
Monitor or CPU
for good fps you can't only rely on the cpu what gpu do you have? imp you should invest in some decent gpu if you dont have one. i've got an i7 and i5 and w/o some decent midranged gpu you wont get t...
kgr still playing tier 8 matches gg rip imaginary cs career
not that i like muslims who refuse to assimilate to the EU customs but dumb people like the OP are up there with them...