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not that i like muslims who refuse to assimilate to the EU customs but dumb people like the OP are up there with them...
lol ?
honestly i would send all those guys back who come to germany, sweden, austria and refuse to learn the language, the laws, manners etc. they come live of welfare and do crime... don't know who needs ...
Headphones broke. Recommend good headphones for Music + Gaming.
omfg ynk ...
ynk sucks and there is a reason for it. he's a cocky third world wannabe ex-csgo professional player where truth to be told he was a mediocre AWPer in a country with 1-2 serious csgo teams. He didn't...
I almost got killed :/
"actually live from sports betting pretty nice :)" gg world
We smart,
Being good at CS is genetic
that's called iq. some ppl learn faster and know what to improve on. they see their own shortcomings. that only proves you are dumber than that new kid. nothing wrong with it. you need brain to be goo...
Being good at CS is genetic
feeding the troll nicela
9/11 ?
wow such obvious troll :/ but the worst part is that many pepz actually believe in that shit...
I need my name on fnatic sticker
kolos 3rd world noob kiddo?
86 DEAD, 186 injured
the problem with ISIS is that they chop the heads of europeans and europeans well do not do that, especially not on live TV -_- so what would you expect ppl to think about those muslims ? yes people h...
6700k vs 4790k
skylake has better tdp, better OC potential (no more silicon lottery like on haswell) , a better chipset and ofc ddr4 support. so if he has the money it's always better to go with the more recent HW b...