Writer. Good looking interview guy. Retired and not coming back.

Events Attended:
- Washington D.C. LAN January 2015 - Washington, D.C.
- ESWC July 2015 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- WinOut Last Chance Qualifier :D - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- CEVO-P Season 8 Finals November 2015 - Columbus, Ohio
- iBUYPOWER Cup November 2015 - Santa Ana, California
- RGN Pro Series Championship November 2015 - Santa Ana, California
- IEM San Jose November 2015 - San Jose, California
- MLG Columbus Main Qualifier February 2016 - Columbus, Ohio
- MLG Columbus Major March-April 2016 - Columbus, Ohio
- ELEAGUE Season 1 Group A May 2016 - Atlanta, Georgia
- ESL One New York September 2016 - New York, NY

Previous experience includes writing for ESPlanet, ESEA News, Luminosity Gaming, and PC Gamer.
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This beautiful country was built by pioneers who sacrificed their lives so that their own kids' lives could be better and look what we have now; the privileged and the entitled who complain and coast ...
North toxic
Even though technically if we want to be English language purists then "soccer" was the more acceptable and upper class British term in the late 19th century and early 20th century.
how you doing
I'm a legacy HLTV admin I haven't done any work for since September 2016. Currently I work as a technical writer for a construction company; I am transitioning to being a technical writer for...
how you doing
Very well My day is still ongoing and I'm working from home so it's very chilled I'm looking forward to starting a new job, hanging out with my lady tomorrow, and going to a housewarming party this we...
Jonathan E rekted
I do very much I just didn't know how else to reply to the stupid comment this comment replies to
Jonathan E rekted
So I didn't expect my offhand comments to the one viewer (aside from my Discord friends) who watches me stream the two times a month or less I do it to get so much visibility, so some additional expla...
Jonathan E rekted
Jonathan E rekted
I voz born zis way
Jonathan E rekted
I left voluntarily, I still have a great relationship with all of the HLTV staff, in fact they were recently reached out to by my new employer for a background check and spoke well about me. I like t...
US vs. your country
The US I only go to Poland to visit family or on vacations
US vs. your country
Obviously we have a lot of crazy stuff going on but I love living here, what can I say.
R8 my surf skill
R8 my surf skill
surf_kitsune levels
Don't listen to f1nch he's an idiot kid in my whatsapp/gaming group and enjoys trolling about me on hltv even though I never read comments anymore lol