Retired writer.

Events Attended:
- Washington D.C. LAN January 2015 - Washington, D.C.
- ESWC July 2015 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- WinOut Last Chance Qualifier :D - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- CEVO-P Season 8 Finals November 2015 - Columbus, Ohio
- iBUYPOWER Cup November 2015 - Santa Ana, California
- RGN Pro Series Championship November 2015 - Santa Ana, California
- IEM San Jose November 2015 - San Jose, California
- MLG Columbus Main Qualifier February 2016 - Columbus, Ohio
- MLG Columbus Major March-April 2016 - Columbus, Ohio
- ELEAGUE Season 1 Group A May 2016 - Atlanta, Georgia
- ESL One New York September 2016 - New York, NY

Previous experience includes writing for ESPlanet, ESEA News, Luminosity Gaming, and PC Gamer.
Forum posts
taz and stich
good times mens)))
Elon Musk
I don't care what pill he takes I need $TSLA to moon for these calls to print
Cs go is not good
I played a bit of Valorant recently and I was enjoying myself and then I came back to CS:GO and I was stunned with how crisp and responsive the game felt. I will always return to CS:GO.
Are u still playing csgo?
Still playing most weekends (5k hours) ayyy
how to gamer girl edate
egirls live in your mind bro. real life is out there waiting for the taking
how to gamer girl edate
guys just date women in real life stay away from these egirls. that's a stich fact.
North toxic
Even though technically if we want to be English language purists then "soccer" was the more acceptable and upper class British term in the late 19th century and early 20th century.
fnatic defeat NiP in epic series to secure last semi-final spot
I don't watch cs games much anymore but even I noticed that on the final round of the series where he was retaking cat, killed a guy with a spray and then crouch and sprayed a guy elbow but failed to ...
how you doing
I'm a legacy HLTV admin I haven't done any work for since September 2016. Currently I work as a technical writer for a construction company; I am transitioning to being a technical writer for...
how you doing
Very well My day is still ongoing and I'm working from home so it's very chilled I'm looking forward to starting a new job, hanging out with my lady tomorrow, and going to a housewarming party this we...