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TSM vs Kinguin
so they didnnt manage to fix it after 2 hours, and still, theyre starting the match, and the players can hear casters, hahah xDDD
TSM vs Kinguin
more than one hour of a fucking delay now, srsly.
csgo update?
i can feel a dgl buff. its a lot faster, and also more accurate. i guess. check it on your own.
Your favourite song?
yeah, that pretty much shows what this community is... ;D
Global Elite Club
global elites only? seems like the best way to spot cheaters at hltv.
m4a4 vs m4a1
i prefer m4a4, cause of the mag size. i think though, that they should stop changing the prices, they should change the weapons, for example add a silencer to the m4a4, and it would have +10 more bull...
Volvo as always
there are only 336 hours in 2 weeks :||||
deagle 500$?
yeah that would be the best thing that can happen to dgl imo too. but price drop wouldn't be that bad either.
deagle 500$?
theres no way you can kill multiple opponents at the same time, and you can do it with cz and 5-7 at least. Well, you do, with a big big amount of luck.
I ask you a question: how many are living aliens in the Universe?
why do you play this game?
right, we all know dat feel, bro. awesome.
anyone? i can tell it depends on the map, it's some kind of its settings, but is anyone you can do about it?
Where is Titan ?
yeah, i read this forum from time to time and im just laughing at people insulting each other, in threads like "-smn +smn" or "fnatic sucks" and everything starts after someone says "ty for skins kid,...
why don't css players do so then?
7h just broke
+1, but their shit sound quality lasts forever.