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daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
Maybe but daps has always had a good eye for talent and him creating a new team with young players is good news for NA and CS in general. If we want NA back with competitive teams, it has to start fr...
"Hamilton sucks"
Mark Webber was also fighting for the 2010 championship in the same car, in fact I think he was ahead of Vettel before the final race. Mark Webber, a driver who's remembered more for botching his race...
"Hamilton sucks"
AMuS it's not an unreliable source. Yes the link is for another website but they're using AMuS as the source. You can also search for Hamilton's words talking about the boost in power Ferrari achieve...
"Hamilton sucks"
It was caught in 2019 but there were already suspicions during the 2018 season when they made a sudden big improvement in the middle of the season for no reason. https://maxf1.net/en/what-happened-wi...
"Hamilton sucks"
Nobody hated Button, nobody hates Norris. How come Hamilton is the only 'hated' british? And you guys make it hard for the rest to not hate you, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0FxB01S4-E this is on...
"Hamilton sucks"
This year things were pretty equal. I don't know why the theory of the Red Bull being slower than Mercedes has gained so much popularity when it's not true. I know underdog stories are more interestin...
Any F1 the game players?
Flag checks out then xD. What does Mercedes has, 100 perf/durability?
Any F1 the game players?
Is 3 points difference between performance noticeable? I haven't played since like 2019 or so and I don't remember the possibility of switching engines. I also remember the engine wear was pretty low ...
PSG vs Real Madrid
OP is just unaware of Messi's current status as player, it happens. He's not the same as 5 years ago and it shows. Still a great player but his dominance is looong gone. My football knowledge is fine...