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Real Madrid
As bad as when Ronaldo was in the team last season, do I have to remember that they finished 17 points behind in the league? Real Madrid issues are deeper than one single player.
Rate This Actress <3
To me she was 10/10, now she's a bit more slimmer and I think she looked better before. Not an actress, but my 10/10 now: Xenia Tchoutmicheva. I'd like to thank Fernando Alonso for introducing me to ...
Rate This Actress <3
Ever since I saw her in Smallville back in 2007/2008, I couldn't help but to fell in love with Laura Vandervoort. I guess she's not as famous as other actresses mentioned here. http://images2.fanpop....
x6tence Galaxy vs Movistar Riders
I don't know if they were on vacation but even if they weren't they wouldn't have been able to play. This is a spanish tournament that requires at least three players currently living in the country, ...
Ferrari FIX
If Vettel keeps making mistakes it doesn't matter who's the second driver. Sure, Ferrari fucked up several times but Vettel easily threw away 50-60 points by himself (and last season was the same). N...
[18+] Show your 10/10 girl
Xenia Tchoumitcheva.
HellRaisers vs Giants
rmn, killdream and obj are no strangers to portuguese people, they've been playing for years, they're not some random dudes that appeared out of nowhere. Same for mutt who also played this tournament ...
HellRaisers vs Giants
If it was rigged you would see Tempo Storm in the final, since fox alone moves more fanbase than Giants.
To be honest the FaZe-G2 was already decided before the match started, and that often puts off some people like me. TS vs Giants had that little bit of uncertainty of not knowing who will come out on ...
Renegades vs OpTic
Even if they don't care, they're still representing an org that pays them big money. They should remain professional, nobody asks them to play like this was a major final but at least don't 'troll' th...
ryzen i7
Their singlecore performance is fine. It's a little bit lower than Coffee Lake but not by much. Their problems are that for now they haven't been able to go past 4.3 ghz and their memory latencies, wh...
real madrid throwing ?
Well, Atlético isn't anything special right now, Simeone did things in the past that shouldn't have been possible with the players they had, but just yesterday he started Torres upfront, I mean, not a...
real madrid throwing ?
His obsession with playing Benzema at all costs is obviously hurting the team, because it's basically playing with one less player and things are more difficult this way. But what can we do about that...
real madrid throwing ?
Zidane does many things wrong but he's not at fault of Carvajal and Kovacic believing they play for Barça in the first goal. He will be at fault if he puts them in the pitch again in the short term fu...
real madrid throwing ?
No, we're just bad.