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Hack explained.
A statement like these should also cause the ban from HLTV.
cz ruining cs ....
A casual game that had a competitive scene for more than 10 years...
ASUS VE278H. New monitor.
If you give me the diference maybe I'll buy one :)
British big balls <3
British big balls <3
Totally agree. In our country they try to do what they want and if we don't let it its because we are againts their relegion, but if we in their country do something that is "normal" to us we go to j...
Best Guitarists for you...
I not saying that Dave Mustaine is inferior to Kirk Hammet but Dave only did "Kill 'Em All" and Kirk learned it in less than 2 weeks. Wrong reply :(
Logitech g400s vs Razer Deathadder 2013
Then you are doing something wrong. In the past 12 years I had 1 mx500 and 1 mx518 and none failed. the mx518 is the 1 I currently use.
A Different Perspective
I don't get you guys, who is trying to kill FPS esport? We that don't want to play a game we don't like? If that is the case maybe we should start playing ALL other FPS games out there. By th...
A Different Perspective
All I read is: 1.6 players are backstabbing counter-strike; 1.6 players prefer that counter-strike die;... What is the part you don't understand of: Alot of us don't like to play the game so we a...
Bet on 13/9 not over why?
Why you say that?
Good idea?
And why?
Good idea?
If its already recorded then its not going to record, right? "Well There must be something that u click a button that it records the previous round or something."
Good idea?
How are you going to record something that already happened? What could be done is something that starts a new record for every round, at the end of the round if you say to keep that round it will ...
SS QCK and Razer Lachesis.
On Razer Lachesis page: it says that the mouse has 5600dpi, but on comparison page if you choose Lachesi...