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English 2nd language
Can confirm, goes the same for dreaming. But I wouldn't say it's 100% English, for me anyway, sometimes I dream in polish, sometimes in English and the same for thinking.
your job and age?
Pretty much, yeah
your job and age?
Atm I'm a database programmer, working with the Oracle db.
your job and age?
Junior programmer, 22
[18+] How long?
Okay buddy.
gf or friends?
It's a very popular saying in Poland
[18+] How long?
Not many people can own up to their mistake, especially here. I'm not gonna call you a retard. You've earned my respect
5 km running
Woah you're pure bone, 58kg at 178cm :o
5 km running
one more thing to add to the last comment, I was "lazy" enough to be global which isnt some super great achivement but I guess it does take some hours. I dont exercise anymore (stopped in march, have...
5 km running
I was pretty lazy but I wasnt fat lol. one day decided to start working out at home, bought a pullup bar and was doing pullups, pushups and running everyday.
5 km running
holy fuck, thats like 3:50/km? how long did it take you? I got to 4:30-4:50/km in like 2 weeks but felt like I couldnt really do it faster. screenshots in #111
5 km running
months? maybe if youre like super super unfit to begin with. If youre an average person I'd say you can reach that level within 2 weeks. I started with shorter distances to have a good pace and then w...
5 km running
I started running when I was already playing csgo and my times were under 25min for a 5k, infact when I completely stopped playing I also stopped exercising. check #111 if you want times
5 km running
It's not that hard, maybe not super easy but definitely not hard. I'm not any pro runner and any run up to 12km I can do under 5min/km.
Not about the win and loss, ive ranked up on a loss before as well as ranked down on a win