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Your fps in CS:GO?
30-50 800*600
Is it worth to open cases?
Man i feel like a cheap basterd knowing i've never spent money on video games, besides actually buying them.
Was lagging a lot.
post ur girlfriend
She's not ugly, totally the opposite, gratz bro
Guy laughing
Algerian idol like thingy i guess
muslims, seriously?
Fucking disgusting
Ctrl V
Wait, so this guy truly believes they stand a chance against the US ? LOL ! WW3 ? It won't be a war, it'll be more of a massacre.
Lol, so what you are doing is not a generalization ? klol, you're so contradictory i don't even want to argue with you.
Bro, don't be judgmental you have no idea how fun it is to blow yourself up, i mean srsly, ever seen your intestines flying ? that shit's hilarious. From what you can see ? You clearly can see shit, t...
And us moroccans are just sitting here smoking hash. Srsly people are so serious nowadays, y'all need to fucking relax. Bashing each other like a bunch of tards.
Are you okay son ? Trashtalking the guy on another comment ? Boy was he right, you truly are mad !
Eid Mubarak
Well i'm a muslim, i don't really care about what is said about it, i try being a good person to everyone around me and to myself.
Putin attacks America's exceptionalism
Syria, this is crazy
The fact it didn't work for you doesn't mean it didn't for others, you say you can get happiness without them, that's true, but for some people religion is what makes them wake up everyday and not thi...