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Best history/culture?
I thought the reason is USA and Israil. Oh, it's islam :)
Mother Russia vs NATO
Tell me plz, why USA always acts in world wars, when they near to the end? Ant tbh no one gives a single f*ck about them.
Mother Russia vs NATO
Actually, Chechnya is Russia too. The ATO in Chechnya=/= ATO in Ucraine, thats why Chechnya returned back in Russia so fast. 99% of Chechen Republic voted for great and mighty Putin :) So, chechens ...
Beating a woman.
cause we built like an Alp and ridged like a Toblerone... (c) :D But most of russian also don't like to interrupt fighting couples. Most of women after fights accuse them not their ymen.
WorldEdit > World
with 2 VAC bans. Yes, he is realy good :)))
Actually can. Anyone from top10, when they are on fire too. I saw Forest on fire, right after he joined SK, IOL finals against fnatic. It was pure ownage, classic "one man army" against one of the bes...
In all of this conflicts, Echo took Russian's opponent side. And were blaming russian, like they started third world war. Is it soft for nation mass media? :) And what they should do in other way?
Tbh, they've simly bought them. Russian SWAT team fucked Gussinsky ass, after he breaked all rules and laws. Such an "privasy life" and many others. You know what, if you want to be an oppositionist, ...
actually not, there are a several russian translation of Coran, and they are free to buy in book shops.
Koran doesn't call any violent acts of one group of people (muslims) against other group (non muslims). It's free in russian translate, original arabic one, and many others. Goverment banned only extr...
Hmmm... i've already noticed it, so why do you replying me? Very soft? In Chechen war, UA conflict, Osetia-Georgia 2008, which one exactly?
So you shouldn't mess with them, when they were weak. Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, do you remember? There is no innocent in world policy, just reasons of state.
For what? :))) I can go in any mosque, or book shot and buy it for free. Islam is the second most common religion in Russia after Christianity. kavkazcenter is an extremist site and forbidden in Russ...
We have an stupid Echo of Moscow, which licking USA ass, and always telling bullshit about russian goverment. And guess what? Russian goverment still supporting them, cause we wouldn't have an opposit...
Wrong. I'm muslim, from one of Caucasian Republic, ChIASSR, now it's Chechnya and Ingushetiya. Coran isn't banned in Russia, and never was, even in USSR. There are about 20 mln muslims in Russia. In M...