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Eric Cantona.
Poland, lets make it clear.
Now I know you have max. 16y old. This is that propaganda. Polish people in UK/Germany/Scandinavia stealing your cars, it's true. But most of them are criminalist from Poland, they just run away from...
Poland, lets make it clear.
Bro, you have no idea how much we lost. We lost dozens cities. Other countries lost few of them, but we lost almost whole country. Every city was a ruin. When we won war, we had communist in our coun...
Poland, lets make it clear.
Poland lost whole cities in WWII - we need rebuild this, everything. Other European countries doesn't lost anything. Especially Norway. When other countries development, we were rebuilding our countr...
Gambit didnt deserve it
The won against - Mousesports, G2, VP, Fnatic, Astralis and Immortals. Yee don't deserve xD
1Million to 500k
They had 1m on main stream and 1,3m in all. Now it's almost 900k. The reason is what you said, not famous teams but this is BIG thing if you have almost 900k viewers with Gambit and Immortals, that's ...
750k watching final
FANPAGE: SK - 770k followers VIRTUS.PRO - 450k followers + Pasza FP 860k followers FNATIC - 2,6m followers NiP - 1m followers IMMORTALS - 150k followers GAMBIT - 270k followers If you don't understa...
IEM every year without any problems. The biggest event in Poland with 150k people.
PRIDE vs Izako Boars
what strats? yolo game is not a strat :D
"CS is growing"
This tournament is like Confederation CUP in Football... none is watching this. Show me other game who have on normaln tournaments good viewers. LoL - normal tournament 50-100k viewers, when they a...
Good Neex - Polish KennyS?
Dignitas vs
This is not dumb. For example, if you start the game on CT on mirage, you have big chance to win 16:4. Because this is CT-sided map. If you will start on T-side, you will win probably 5-7 rounds. But ...
Envy vs
Michał TAZDAN. Jkaem say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Roca aimlock
Oh yee, always GOTV bug and as always there is aimlock. Oh and check radar, his dot was moving exactly there. So it wasn't GOTV bug. It was obvious aimlock.
Splyce vs Echo Fox
Ez for Roca with his Aimlocks :)