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visit brazil???
Do you support gay marriage?
lol, how is someone marrying my business. let them get married.
INTZ vs Isurus
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk nt isurus
Java Experts come here
actually yes, i will search about it later. thanks bro
Java Experts come here
im just newbie at programming. just tryed to help the man XD
Java Experts come here
for (int i = 0; i < mealsQuantity; i++){ sysout("Guest" + i + "choice is: " +varChoice); } ?????????????? not an expert (newbie actually), but i would do it like this Scanner reader = new Scanner (...
Brazil Helloooooo!
thats alright. Just took the bait to bait (i thought it was a bait). anyway, like our friend bdt said. he is pretty much an attention whore and i WISH he doesnt know the side effects of these action...
Brazil Helloooooo!
Hm, if Brazil is a totally irrelevant country why are u posting this? Let us just be irrelevant. PS.: Bolsonaro is an idiot. He doesnt know what he is doing.
WTF TACO benched??? WHY
great b8, it was funny
Ghost vs INTZ
cum back
Went outside today
Went outside today
is it a non-nonsense thing?
south america situation
actually i should try to be president. no more math school, only cs now and then
got it. thank you very much my friend! have a nice week! <3
just updated it, still the same temp these sites is...