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DM all vs all [CS:GO]
i know this website and i tried many od DM servers, but non of them were all vs all
DM all vs all [CS:GO]
cheers man :)! any more ?
i have worse gpu and i get 80-180 depending on the map.... dont say shits to him man and btw, 150 is enough to play... 80 fps on dm is sufficient to enjoy the game
CSGO sucks!
before i started to play more and more i said to my friends, im not playin this shity game anymore, but now i think this game is better than 1.6 but it is still little bit too random, i won lots of ec...
CS1.6 UPDATE ?????
it might be caused by new sensivity and resolution, thats why i said recoil has been changed, and i didnt read changelog on steam news... thats what i seen on the first 1 minute of playing after updat...
CS1.6 UPDATE ?????
is valve fuckin joking...!???!?!?@?!
CS1.6 UPDATE ?????
thats what i think right now! who the fuck is that stupid to change the game after more than 10 years ! -.-
CS1.6 UPDATE ?????
fuckin sensivity, resolution, models and recoil has been changed!! WTF ????? is valve fuckin kiddin me ? i think they want everybody swap to cs:go -.- bastards its a joke, right ?
Top5 looking more clear
NiP top1 but ESC is coming... i think 1. NiP 2. VG/ESC 3. VG/ESC 4. VP 5. ??????? (there are few but after latest update it can change)
Who will finally beat NiP?
stupid question ;) ESC ofc...
Will it ever be successful with this movement and these terrible maps?
maps are terrible, so is movement and granades (they do not go where you want) -.- dd2 was my favourite map in 1.6, but in cs:go there are too many small details, train looks like a big piece of ca...
Cheater on cs:go
i have so many friends that are crap in 1.6 and they are fuckin good in cs:go....
Cheater on cs:go
not really dude... find me a cheaters in League of legends for example... its a free game and I didnt even heard about cheats for this game, so it is possible to make anti cheat for CS:GO but valve is...
pasha awp clutch IEM Katowice
pasha mvp :)
xPeke smashes SK - League of legends king
watch from 2:35