So am I, still waitin'
for this world to stop hatin'
can't find out, good reason
can't find hope to believe in.
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Gym stats/height/weight
dont forget he was about 65kg when he did the pullups, that's a massive advantage
why hate immigrants?
As the guy above said, most of those with anti-immigration opinions will only judge you if you are (or look like an) arab/muslim. But don't let that keep you from your dreams. Assholes will be asshole...
Thoughts on USA?
you would rather see old and poor people die so that the others could pay less? am I getting this right?
Best Pringles flavour?
the original, paprika is disgusting. Fight me
Your country's worst decision?
We aren't fighting amongst ourselves, thanks for your concern
Germans come here
Go for it. You won't have any problem talking to germans in english, especially in a Uni
Earth in your language?
Ardh in Arabic, probably has the same root as in English
Your country’s darkest time in history?
the one that brought brown people to germany, those were the real dark times
you're probably baiting, but I'll bite: you really think that 13 million can go unnoticed in a population of 80mil?
"almost 4x lower population yet same murder rate" The word 'rate' does not mean what you think it means
9 to 5 jobs
sounds tough, best of luck to you mate!
9 to 5 jobs
Are you skipping classes? because in my engineering degree you have classes for at least 5 hours a day minimum Mon-Fri, some days I leave uni at 21h
some of them are free for non-EU too
Don't be racist
In that case you're thinking of the term 'ethnicity', which is sometimes confused with 'race'. Race is usually referred in biology when describing the genetical variation among a certain species. That...