So am I, still waitin'
for this world to stop hatin'
can't find out, good reason
can't find hope to believe in.
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arabs light homeless guy on fire in germany
main difference is between legal/illegal immigrants Illegal immigrants tend to be a bit, well, uncivilized. Not all of them ofc
Dad: Electrical Engineering Professor Mom: Dentist it's really hard to impress them
Let's talk about... POLITICS
Just like you don't generalize the Syrians as "terrorists, lazy, unwilling to work", you also don't generalize them all as "smart and educated". I've seen some of them in the streets where some of th...
how to ask out girl
probably means siblings/cousins
I'll translate your name into Arabic
the "ch" in french Richard is pronounced exactly as the english "SH", and there is an arabic letter for it also Papillon is pronounced "Pa-pi-yon", there is no "L" sound
dont you mean Ihr and Dein? Because Sein means his
Muslim teacher fired
Meanwhile I am also studying Mechatronics in Germany and having trouble renewing my visa, and the Syrians are getting money for not doing anything
HDMI 120Hz
you're out of luck then, you could plug HDMI and get 120hz but in 1024x768 max might wanna consider changing the monitor
HDMI 120Hz
1.4b and 2.0 do, but both the graphic card (or laptop) and monitor need to be at least 1.4b which is commonly found in graphics cards but rarely or just don't exist in the monitors. Your best bet is b...
"Taking square root both the sides: =>(4 - 5) = (6 - 5) **" that's where you're wrong taking square root from both sides means 4-5=6-5 or 4-5= 5-6 > 4=6 (to be dismissed) or 4=10-6=4 => 4=4
Im on the egde
can confirm
Arabs, are you kidding?
basically jokes about barcelona fans being mad because of the loss to RM
BIG vs Immortals
actually felt bad for LEGIJA after seeing tabsen blaming him that way
Israel Palestine
Did I ever say I hate jews? In fact I don't. Please learn the difference between jews and zionists
Israel Palestine
Sicily was also Carthage. Give us sicily back. All the mediterranean countries were roman at some point, does that mean Italy has the right to annex them now?