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Boomer CSGO Players
Elige is GenZ at 22? Niko is Millenial at 22?
fnatic rank 3?
should have*
Astralis haters come here
Astralis haters come here
Imagine thinking BO1s results actually matter. No wonder you think BLAST event results are relevant too. One new player makes FURIA a new roster? LUL nice logic So what if fnatic played easier teams...
Astralis haters come here
You big dumbo. DH Malmo had 16 teams and a better format. IEM Beijing had 8 teams with 2 bot Asian teams. Tell me again, which event is better?
Get Right???
Wow, really? He could've made some serious money on coL too. Anyway, gl to him.
Astralis never had an era
They definitely had an era. The greatest one. Maybe what you want to say is that their era was the most boring one and not as exciting as other teams' eras as it was devoid of a team/teams who could...
Astralis haters come here
Cry more you purist crybaby. Magisk uses Krieg and he is a fucking god with it too. So is Elige. Brollan is almost on the same level with those two but is inexperienced. Like I said you don't watch ...
Get Right???
Maybe a management position in the org.
Get Right???
fifflaren isn't even a pro now
Get Right???
I didn't know. Poor guy. Deserves a better team than Heretics.
Greta Thunturd
So they can feel good about themselves. Little bullies.
Get Right???
I don't think a team with pasha will work out since pasha's English is not very good. The comms won't work. Instead Friberg, Xizt, GTR + 2 others (pls no draken) Maybe kioshima, refrezh or some good...
Get Right???
REZ is so overrated. He's very inconsistent.