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Edward is underrated nowadays :(
CS:GO update nerfs AUG, and more
I also see it costing $3500 to be more balanced. Maybe they will raise the price later. It may be now as a trial period where users get to play AUG more and uncover its potential and later they might ...
You won't give anyone anything :(
Realm Royale
Interesting game. I never liked Fortnite for building and voila, you don't have to build here, but there are own interesting mechanics. I was enjoying this game back in the days, but then game breakin...
Yep, unfortunately it is world wide and not only among CSGO.
At least we could try. And yes, this is NOT OKAY! #StopToxicity
Okay, good luck to your favorite team :)
And which teams fanboy are you now?
Just met Edward on dm
Another topic by brain dead user who can do only single thing in life... talk shit about others. Hope natural selection wave will affect you.
New Na'Vi
🤔 Why YEKINDAR instead of Flarich ? At least I know that Flarich was tested for NaVi, not sure about YEKINDAR
2.75 s1mple rank 1 bet365
Now, we wait
Danish niko aka faze niko
csgo battle royale
Its good, but I have a feeling that something is missing. I hope with future updates it will get some more interesting things.
Navi Solution
So funny to read about -Edward each time :) Edward belongs where he is and he deserves Major win.
Latvia Come Here
I would give this gentleman a +1 about Mezaparks and Balsam. I am not from Riga, so I don't know about parks in winter, but they are good at summer, so you will have a reason to come back at summer :)