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Gun legalisation?
Kinda funny that you talk about Brazil while not having any idea about the real situation here. Brazil has a VERY restrictive gun law, over 90%(and I'm being conservative here) of the requests of gun...
Can't kill someone who's delicate and cute like a flower
i fix your fan of
Go ahead
[URGENT] PC on a Plane
I lived for 1.5 years in Washington DC and recently came back to Brazil. I completely dismounted my PC. Did not take the case, cooler(air cooler, it got damaged when I left it in the bag for a few mi...
New LongJump WR 2016 !!!!!
11 strafes and 98% sync? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH yeah, you're fucking legit, just like LyNn was
Cold: "I dont owe anything to the Trash BR community"
exactly +1
Steel "of course NA sucks they banned half the good players"
so long since I last saw this joke, good one hahahaha
nV no respect
That's really bizarre haahahahahahaha
I miss 1.6
Have to agree with you bro +1
I miss 1.6
"being able to bunnyhop around a map at high speeds is not skill" you gotta be kidding if you think that movement is not a skill " the 1.6 deagle is still extremely OP" that's why it was so m...
favela + toilet cleaner
Daily Dosia #3
thank mr dosia
Brazilian terrorism
Daily Dosia #2
thank mr dosia
irukandji back?
a great american igl in 1.6 and the guy with the most bizarre glock highlight ever in 1.6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O-LdarQ4HA