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NAVI nobody talking about them
how so lmao? NaVi CS:GO has been in top5/top10 teams of cs:go for years, Na`Vi Dota's squad is not even close to top20 of the dota teams.
NAVI nobody talking about them
CS team is way more successful than dota's squad
What you are talking about, he knows FalleN and coldzera, and they probably offered him first, it's HIS decision. Also it's not about money lol, Na`Vi can pay him as much as SK.
s1mple won't play well if he is not satisfied with a team he plays on. And they can't sell him if he does not want to leave to this "new" team
yeah sounds about right, s1mple leaving bots to play with other bots.
s1mple 99% in SK
PSG paid 500m of $ for a football player so... More than cost of Boeing 787 Dreamliner...
why Na'Vi?
There should be reason to waste this money.
why Na'Vi?
Buyout prices are always crazy, especially when they know there is no better IGL than ANG3l in terms of skill in CIS
why Na'Vi?
because they are not that rich to pay like 500k $ for ANG3l and bondik, just because s1mple does not want to play with bots.
shut up, muscle cars are best cars. But Challenger > Mustang at this point (classic never dies)
TACO leaves SK
ahaha +1
Brazilians and Ukrainians ?
i love brazilians, never been racist to them
Ruski fans are now SK fans
Does not make sense. Na`Vi are able to pay him as much as SK, it's about s1mple being tired of playing with bots. Sad for Na`Vi, but it was expected.
s1mple won't leave Navi proof
10:35 PM - 26 Jul 2017 > Some people in organization helps me a lot ,and I'll just leave if these people decide to quit NaVi 2/2