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the fact that cevo is still relevant enough to host minor qualifiers is fucking dumb. who the even fuck uses that garbage service? how they're not bankrupt yet?
what a shitshow it has been. valve and eleague need to step up.
I5-8400 for CS:GO
i3 8100 beats to death every ryzen 3 and cheapest i5 (8400) is better than ryzen 5 1600 unless you're content creator and do lots of editing. if someone is forced to make a purchase right now on budg...
I rate you internet speed
http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6706043675 10$
XANATOS rank G toxic
lol have you seen sadme playing? that guy is walling so hard on rank s and getting ez money.
XANATOS rank G toxic
hes already kicked from rank g afaik.
i3 8350k vs i5 8400
their performance on base clock speeds are identical, 8350k will perform slightly better on some cpu heavy games but will be so much worse at power efficiency. it draws more power than i7 8700k if you...
i3 8350k vs i5 8400
8400 is a better choice no questions. i'd wait for cheaper mobo tho, these z370s are not worth it unless you`re buying 8600k or 8700k.
Rick and Morty
damn internet ruined so many childhoods.
EnVy gonna win
nowhere as sick as your topic.
EnVy gonna win
envy gonna win 10 rounds
good thinking but i still think mirage will be taken out.
new pc soon
don't buy z370 motherboard for i5 8400. wait for cheaper mobos like b series considering you're not interested in overclocking and save about 50$. z370 is worth it if you're buying 8700k or smth like ...
i3 8100
even if i3 8350k is a much better deal i'm sure a lot of people will upgrade from 2nd/3rd gen i5s to 8100.
ESL Retarded?
blame esea for crashes