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A new beginning for HLTV.org
This is a great look and night mode makes it better.
AMD's VEGA - A New Frontier
then tell me something isn't know to public about vega.
AMD's VEGA - A New Frontier
[ITALIC]Well I talked to my source within AMD again today and he informed me that VEGA has been set back towards late June[/ITALIC] lol why pretend like you got insider when this information is kno...
Processor for CS GO
killing i5 at what? intel is still the best choice for csgo. i see no point of buying ryzen unless you're into editing or streaming.
99 in 1 with usp
i`m not even religious but yeah, whatever "4k comments in 2 months guy" says.
99 in 1 with usp
can you even read lol
16 2 again
just another day for nip.
Jarod, SmyLi step down from Vexed
having kqly on their lineup tells a lot about their "reputation". you're naive if you think they'll find good players and succeed.
Ropz Salary?
alright then.
Ropz Salary?
5k per month = 50k per year? NA math.
GTX 1060 6gb OR RX 480 8gb?
you're right
GTX 1060 6gb OR RX 480 8gb?
yes it most probably will. it also depends on which resolution/settings you play on. if you want to play on 1440p or bigger res with high settings i suggest you to upgrade cpu. this cpu isn't for hig...
GTX 1060 6gb OR RX 480 8gb?
someone who has decent psu and doesn't want to change it because of power hungry gpu
GTX 1060 6gb OR RX 480 8gb?
actually gta is one of the few games that performs slightly better on nvidia cards
GTX 1060 6gb OR RX 480 8gb?
gtx 1060 is more power efficient, just saying