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S1mple will be s1mple today
He's the great 1! Number one in his name. #1 in the game!
"Astralis made device"
Device was a choker before gla1ve came to Astralis. NiP thinks they signed up prime dev1ce from 2017-2018 but in reality they have signed up a washed up player.. You'd be pretty delusional to think ...
Liquid vs NIP
No team with stewie on it can work anymore. Ever since the major victory, his ego has inflated.
Liquid vs NIP
you didn't see the major? kekw
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
50 bomb incoming from my boy Perfectaaaa <3 DAVI NAVI !!!!!!
olof, karrigan, rain
He had 1-10 on mirage first 13 rounds and on Dust2 first 10 rounds... He's washed up. Too inconsistent to go head to head against explosive players.. this was k0nfig and blameF.. Imagine him going up ...
olof, karrigan, rain
Broky and twistzz are the problem? Are you on crack bro? Rain, olof and karrigan are washed as f&*k also Twistzz not good enough to carry a tier 1 game. He's not good enough to go head to head vs N...
Broky lost the game for FAZE
Karrigan, rain and olof didn't do any better. Those three are quite bad. Not good enough for tier1 CS. "w3 @r3 @ lAn TeaM" LOL
olof, karrigan, rain
Imagine calling yourself a L@n T3aM and stealing thousands of dollars for the entire 2020 and 2021 only to shit on LaN, lol.
W3 @r3 A L@n T3aM - FaZe 2020
Astralis vs FaZe
w3 @r3 a L@N T3aM - FaZe 2020
Astralis vs FaZe
w3 arE a L@n TeAM - FaZe 2020
Liquid vs NIP
no 40% loss rematch this time around? LOL
Liquid vs NIP
How many steps ahead of Astralis now? LOL
Kinda true but Blast Production is certainly better than ESL but yes in terms of sponsors, exposure etc ESL is light years ahead of everyone.