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Evil Geniuses vs MIBR
Evil Geniuses vs MIBR
Illuminar vs Sprout
It's pretty impressive how consistent German teams are at choking when matches get close in CSGO. Every German mouz lineup, BIG, Penta, Sprout. As soon as they have a chance to win, they completely f...
North vs BIG
Wanted to skip this, but 2.62 against BIG on LAN is just stupid
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
Snax has really become 0 iq player, funny to see
Wtf starladder????
semmler complete dogshit, same talking points every single game, no development at all hurr durr look at those epic mindgames!!!! has to mention some weird mental games that only he sees or cares abo...
Natus Vincere vs Windigo
Natus Vincere vs Windigo
Why is NaVi representing German flag on their jersey?
[confirmed] THORIN at MAJOR
Noone that isn't completely dogshit at cs learns anything from the analysts at the desk, so why would I want to listen to boring nerds like pimp? Thorin is an idiot, but he can at least get a couple ...
I don't know, I think he actively turns new people away from CSGO. When they hear him on the analyst desk, they will leave and watch minecraft instead (true story)
Ghost vs FURIA
There is only 1 slot, if better team always wins, you need no lower bracket.
Ghost vs FURIA
I like the final without an advantage, but by your logic, you would just remove lower bracket and not the advantage
forZe vs Virtus.pro
yeah, might have been a close match if it ended 16-13
I don't understand, JW has positive stats on both maps, how can NiP let this happen?