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css Best Player
[BOLD]GuardiaN, .PhP, KodiaK , regnaM[/BOLD]
Zonic & Sunde
I saw dis long time ago.. Just felt like sharing it again.. becoz Scout is very less used by Professional players in such matches..
new fnatic team
[BOLD]Exciting Lineup[/BOLD]
[BOLD]Zet.. went 2 Play CS:Source in USA with Complexity after achieving all in 1.6..[/BOLD]
New Fnatic
Hope Niko & kRHYSTAL returns... Cs;go is improving..
ceh9 clutch 1v4 lol
[BOLD]Agreed... 1 of the best Clutcher [/BOLD]
What for is NaVi playing CS:GO?
[BOLD]They need more Practice in team work like they used to be in 1.6.. then u will see[/BOLD]
What for is NaVi playing CS:GO?
Heat0N SpawN Vilden fisker Xeqtr Solo Enemy Ksharp fRoD n0thing gud4nothing wall-e zonic sunde mje ave cyx.. & all d legends
Is it necessary to go to Army in your Country?
[BOLD]Well... Its good Korea has 2 yrs of mandatory service.. India should have such to teach most the Lazy kids 2 learn some Hard work instead of clicking Pics on der Smartphones..[/BOLD]
Is it necessary to go to Army in your Country?
[BOLD]Not In India... becoz in every govt Job U have 2 appear ENTRANCE EXAM.. only the ones who pass get 2 join..[/BOLD]
Bayern vs Barçelona
[BOLD]last sunday he did d same vs Chelsea.. but He dn scored the equalizer as well..[/BOLD]
Top 5 CFG
[BOLD]if u r talking of 1.6... SpawN & HeatoN's cfg are d best according to me..[/BOLD]
Top 10 Misconception about Islam
[BOLD]I am a Muslim Guy... But... How is this post related to Counterstrike??[/BOLD]
1.6 Asian team
& With [BOLD]Solo [/BOLD]gone for military.. Korean CS scene is almost dead.. haven't seen any korean team since 2010 :(