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I'm an left handed old school cs player haha .
Good memories from Schroet Kommando , Ninja in Pyjamas , MiBR , 3D , GeekBoys , Frag or Die ... HeatoN , SpawN , bds , elemeNt , Jhonny_R , potti , Jap , fisker , cogu , KIKOOO , XeqtR , Ksharp , Da Bears ... CyberAthlete Professional League , okay okay, most of the players and championships that I mentioned, I did not know WHAT was Counter-Strike at the peak of their careers, I play since I was 10 years and followed that is great championships from 2004 to 2008, best time surely ... s what happened before that time I download all the demos, I was fortunate when I was little my father had opened a LAN HOUSE, I owe to the fact of being inside the CS world since I was little
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