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Sao Paulo not safe for BLAST
Its not in rio, so.. >SAFE >RIO pick one
Best Netflix Serie
I also do not know, but here in Brazil we dont find the last season of Gotham so easily, at least I didnt find ... Only non-secure sites full of ads and viruses with poor quality
Best Netflix Serie
that's why I told you to pick one. netflix only launches seasons by whole. As gotham launches episodes every week, does not have on netflix ... feels bad
Best Netflix Serie
Can you watch the 5th season on netflix?
Best Netflix Serie
gotham netflix pick one
Best esports video
twistzz should be better as clutch king, or not? I'll make the same than #11. my team is almost the same device - stathunter gla1ve - igl allu - awp twistzz - clutch king (can be hs machine, defend...
RTX 2070 models
thats the kind of answer I was looking for. Obrigado, meu amigo Portuga!
RTX 2070 models
did I say im going to play cs only : : : :::::: :
RTX 2070 models
so, which one you suggest me
RTX 2070 models
I always forget that no topic here can be taken seriously and have constructive answers. Always seen arguments like this: this is bullshit, mine is better, this is not good, your country sucks..etc
RTX 2070 models
They have the same performance? Because The first has 3 fans
RTX 2070 models
Thx for taking care, im in Miami atm and buying it in Amazon. Tbh, in Brazil The first Costs 2x in Amazon. In Brazil its 4000 reais and in Amazon is 500dol it means 2000 reais. But Ive found The s...
Which mobo for ryzen 5 2600?
just bought the tomahawk one
Which RTX 2060?
doesnt matter?