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Work, Eat, Sleep
am i hot?
today is my bday bois
get cancer
During 3 last month they won 4maps of 19. What more this matches was vs 2xCloud9 1x Renegades 1x Tyloo. And you still defend them? They have to do something....
They will strong because it is Katowice but they will choke. I 100% sure that they lose. Max semi final ;//
Tv Series- narcos
But he never surrender. He is truly EL Patron!
Tv Series- narcos
BECAUSE IT is TV-SERIES no TV History. In every episode they say about fiction.
faze #1 incoming
Yea sure it is upgrade for them but we need wait until we can say that they will be strong with niko. Time will show
faze #1 incoming
Like NAVI with Simple? Like new FNATIC? Like New French SuperTeam? Changes are good but not this make you better team. Only hard work is required like work Vp, Sk
ban this half red head underage kid on twitch
raid his stream go hltv army
Drake Lounge
Yes you must deposite atleast 10$ and then bet this 10$. Even if you lose after this you will be able to withdraw your "free money" I don't done this yet but you can read about this in rules.
Drake Lounge
Yes but you play for free money man ;) You must deposite your own money or skins to be able to withdraw anything from you account.
Drake Lounge
You must deposite atleast 10$ and bet this 10$. After this you can withdraw.
quite a lot ? I have fucking 35Bmi (i am fat as fuck) and still can easily ride like 25km per hour and 70km is nothing for me
Medical Biotechnology. It something similar to pharmaceutic science but newer.