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anders was better when he was a noobish caster, semmler should never have casted a csgo game. "analyzer,host" or whatever sure but casting hell no. i doubt anyone above 16yo can like his style. haven'...
Private WOW Players
well it's not cheap at least for me but in my opinion WOW is among the cheapest mmo games out there. whatever you pick inform yourself in the p2w aspect on the server, most are cancer prob.
NiP the best team in CS history
What Valve Should do to Keep CS:GO Alive as long as Possible
nah it will die eventually like 1.6 did and they will do a reboot. why invest so much in something that's had half or more of it's shelf life gone? just imagine new game, new boxes for kids to go spa...
ROMANIANS come here
some of the media is pushing us to hate hungarians in transilvania. i don't know how in touch hungarians are with the truth/stories from here you are getting. like walking in a supermarket and getting...
it was about time, sometimes he was casting like he was watching another game, maybe overwatch suits him.
Why do people like rap?
the shit you kids call rap these days is abhorent:) satan facepalmed, jesus cried for a week and god went somewhere else to restart. i'm thoroughly confused that people listen to mumble rap.
HLTV vs Reddit IQ
i don't really know how reddit is but hltv in the few threads i've opened lately... it's like watching 10 year old with the brains of 5 year olds trying to out-do each other. mentally retarded by choi...
EU = Communist Union Not Democratic
well for corrupt 3rd shit world countries like mine their dictating is actually usefull imo. the shitheads incharge would not do even half, they usually do shit before the deadline anyway. depends fro...
Stranger Things
exactly, it had a social setting that i've not seen in any other modern series. that's why i find it so entertaining. though i do resent they are making 2 more seasons, feels like they reached the pe...
Faceit lvl 4 = cancer
rank 4-6 were by far the worst ranks, the time it took me to get from 4 to 6 is not even half of what it took to get 8.
'asmr' is for pathetic virgin cucks (proof)
well another weird shit i did not want to know existed.
some of you seem to forget olof in fnatic before he had hand problems, if he can find that form again he's at anyone's level.
how is trump bad?
for all of you saying he's doing what he said he would do. it's way easier to ruin shit than to build it, lets see what he builds before you cheer for the shit he ruins. in the end i don't care we hav...
what you 10/10 TV series?
Do it, it's pretty awesome. I forgot to mention Rome, if you didn't see this one give it a try.