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Damn, I feel so bad for EG. They look so bad and can't win anything despite their efforts. Players take turns to do well while the other 4 suck. No wonder Brehze takes a break for all this constant lo...
Alright, it seems that I'm clearly not a twitch veteran because I didn't know that: 1. Subbing removes the ads. I even had a Prime suscription available. 2. Twitch requires them to do it. I was furth...
No worries :)
I am content with what they provide. I didn't even know subbing would remove them. I only watch Twitch for CS. So that's why I thought there was no way around it. I even have a Prime subscription avai...
Thanks for the info. I always use Adblock. I'm watching from a laptop rn that isn't mine and I didn't realize I didn't have since I'm used to having it for many many years now.
Did Blast get partnered in the past 6 months? Because it wasn't like this a few months ago.
Blast didn't have this much a few months ago. I'm fine with a few but I they run 8 in a row, why waste money on stuff we can't see. Yes, it gets uploaded to YT but it's not the same. Seeing it in the ...
It's pretty good. Only ADR missing.
10 weeks mean nothing when they had a 5-week break in the middle. They were not doing well prior to EPL and now it seems things are looking up. They are definitely favorites tomorrow but let’s not ove...
Vitality future
They are looking better for sure but they still need misutaaa to be more consistent. Kyojin has started to put some numbers and shox has the experience and the clutches to make it a deep team but for ...
Vitality future
See. This type of comments make it easier to spot a hater. NAVI is certainly one of the few teams you can’t say that about. For starters, they won the last 2 LAN events not to mention that s1mple and ...
favorite map
Nuke. Before it got removed, Train.