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Zywoo 1.54 rating
Rating of the two guys holding A Site: 0.51 and 0.23
NAVI 3000IQ play
I couldn't be happier to be wrong. After the 16-7 win on freaking overpass, I commented on another thread that the 3-0 was actually on the cards. No team has a higher peak than NAVI. If only inconsis...
-scrawny +bardoplh
I listened to him back in the day with ddk. I wasn't a fan even back then.
-scrawny +bardoplh
Got one word to describe him: Boring.
Perfecto Should Get MVP
"I get he had the best stats but I think a lot of them were exit frags/eco kills." Do you even watch the games or are you just another s1mple hater? He had the highest rating (second highest but ZywO...
Furia Tier Strawpoll
They are tier1 and can contend but I feel like they don't have enough firepower to go all the way at the events. They can beat some other (better) tier1 teams but their peak simply isn't high enough. ...
Freaking bo5 I simply cannot agree with this. As someone who follows the pro scene (and NAVI) since 2011, I have to say BO5s are a great thing for mu...
Massive performance on Train. Won them the map.
NaVi 3-0
Aged like fine wine :D
starting to get nervous...
NaVi 3-0
I don't even know what to say... Beating Gambit on Overpass 16-7. Any expectations I had about this game are out the window. It's still super early to say but the 3-0 is now in the POSSIBLE cards
NaVi 3-0
You expect Gambit to play only pistols on Overpass or...