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Fan of teams
It is 2020, but still i think CS 1.6 is better game than CSGO in every aspect ( Only graphic worth in CSGO )
Forum posts
x6tence vs HAVU
gogo x6tence !
Liquid vs Ze Pug Godz
Liquid with Grim looking promising.
Worst UCL ever
I think opposite.
Shaving legs
shaving legs is for girls and gays. and morons like you ofc
pros you killed
flusha, krimz, snajder, jw 16-15 k/d lost 2-16 2015 year basically i have played 1 match against pro's, and were 4 of them (fnatic + ex-fnatic player) 5th was TBA he wasnt pro im sure
HellRaisers vs Apeks
+21 +6 + 6 +5 -1 (37+) v +9 -10 -12 -17 -7 (-37) -37 k/d won this match. hahaha there are much examples, this is one of them how much valve fucked this game with its economy and other stuff. unbeliev...
HellRaisers vs Lyngby Vikings
raalz was fucking talent @ end of CS1.6 in 2012. Hope he will see him in good danish csgo team
ngiN kicked from fpl
loba is maestro, fun guy :)
ngiN kicked from fpl
ngiN kicked from fpl
im not talking only for ngiN, for everyone
ngiN kicked from fpl
what a shit league fpl is. Uneducated people, which have ever never catched sun, are deciding for your future. I dont blame anyone, only valve. They should license this game
Gambit Youngsters vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
eh my alternate attax.. please close CSGO division. They dont deserve to put your tag infront of their nicknames, in csgo atleast. I miss your divisions like in CS 1.6
Rank majors you've seen
all majors untill 2015-16 were interesting for watching. same for dota2
-nitr0 +grim incoming
you and me choosed respect But what about 99.9 % of other people? Dont expect too much respect in csgo scene :) just saying
-nitr0 +grim incoming
>respect >New generation choose one