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Valve on drugs?
https://www.hltv.org/news/16350/csgo-update-overhauls-sound The latest update to CS:GO, build number, has released and features a total overhaul of the sound in the game which will undoubted...
Valve on drugs?
I will reply after 5-6h, expect me.
Valve on drugs?
How old is your CS experience?
Valve on drugs?
most of them are coming from games like minecraft dota2 bf3. Most of CS 1.6 guys arent playing CSGO
Valve on drugs?
8 years? untill beginnings of 2016 CSGO was real paradise. 4 years of great CS atleast we had. In 2016 they updated it in movement & shooting ; recoil made it robotical if u know what i mean
Valve on drugs?
Instead changes in shooting recoil movement, they add changes into buy menu. Im asking myself what is valve doing exactly
G2 vs mousesports
gogo mouz.
Awp is noob weapon
new generation rules. GTFO from CS and this site please.
Gen.G vs FURIA
Gen G. is playing pretty well.
Gen.G vs FURIA
GL Furia. Promising team
Gen.G vs North
csgo scene is shame.
This suNNy no comment. How the fuck is possible aleksib was replaced by him. All in all, Ence;Mibr dissaster
Endpoint vs forZe
Russian CS power is equal to 0. If i compare forZE.CS1.6 with forZeCSGO i would better go to grave or Mibr CS 1.6 with MIBRCSGO
Mibr was legendary name and organisation. I wish those fucks never put in front of their nicknames. They dont deserve it
HellRaisers vs Japaleno
I know him since 2005, so thats why i wrote above like that. Probably u played with lego that time