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Norway HAPPY
i was happy but latvian ruski stole my car, not happy anymore ;-(
Holy shit. Sir, I suggest you to not skip English classes anymore. Your reading comprehension could use some sharpening.
Implying you are not obv fake flagging since you truly remind me of braindead raghead from Montenegro.
Well, if we imply you are from Montenegro as your flag shows, you got 19% muslims of your population. You realize google is your tool, right bud? oh and nt carpet pilot
Like there weren't even more ragheads in the U.S. than here.
Delpan to G2
Like they didn't try delpan just before allu and still decided to take allu. Weird stuff, isn't it? :)
9/11 or paris
He wasn't even born yet back then.
Islam past 30 days
[ITALIC]>Do you realise what you're asking? You're asking innocent people to go up against terrorists... [/ITALIC] So western world aren't innocent people hence responsible to take care of the prob...
Islam past 30 days
Islam just happens to be the only religion in todays world that breeds these braindead shitbags that kill people in the name of god. In the end this is muslim world's problem and they should thin o...
Still can't believe how dumbfucks can compare the crisis in Israel/Palestine and Iraq/Afghanistan with these attacks in France. They don't have anything in common except the attackers share the same r...
Religion, Terrorism
Yes we have the government but we "won" the war against Soviet Union because of a few ballsy guys. And those few ballsy guys is exactly what you need, not the government.
Religion, Terrorism
Exactly my thoughts.
Religion, Terrorism
Why wouldn't they fight for their countries? Even we did that in the 1940's against much bigger problem even though we were poor and had low quality of living.
Religion, Terrorism
"Here is a thing, though....Why were the Christians not all being called terrorists when the KKK was active? Or, why are not all the Germans called Nazis when Hitler was active?" Because KKK didn...
Religion, Terrorism
Blaming the US for everything is so naive. Talebans is the reason there were a slight balance in Afghanistan after Afghan civil war, they eliminated the war lords that were causing the chaos. However,...