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G2 Organisation
Pronax 3 majors, s1mple 0 majors, clearly that means Pronax is a better player than Simple. There's no possible way that is a fucking stupid thing to believe.
Berlin Major winner
Honestly the player break is going to change all the rules - teams with new strategies, new motivation, less burnout, more anti-stratting. Majors are often a little weird because they always take pla...
Fnatic really needs a roster change
Yeah its pretty clear Xizt isn't doing enough strategy wise and isn't doing enough fragging wise. Wouldn't be surprised if Twist is also cut, JW I'd say is probably on the chopping block too. Krimz ...
+coldzera -who?
Krimz https://www.hltv.org/stats/teams/players/4991/fnatic?startDate=2019-01-01&endDate=2019-12-31 For 2019, Krimz is fnatics best player. In the last month though, its been Brollan. https://www.h...
+coldzera -who?
Brollan is fnatics second best player at the moment - would be a huge mistake to lose him.
mibr IQ ???
Bandaid for a bullet wound
would you date single mum? why?
Lais Ribeiro is a single mum, so holy fuck yes
LeBron = Messi
0/8 b8
AC Origins
What kind of game are you looking for?
shox question.
Astralis = Real Madrid?
Modric was a star in the prem before joining Real Madrid, Kroos joined Real Madrid after winning the treble with Bayern in 2013, winning the world cup (Remember Brazil 1 - 7 Germany?), including a nom...
FaZe fix (coming from a fan)
Ex6tenz isn't good enough for tier 3 french scene. Why would he be for FAZE?
GF vs CS
If she's not letting you relax and have time to yourself, then you need to figure out something. Have an evening or two a week that you dedicate to her, and then others you can have for yourself. If s...