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worst countries to live
What a Putin's zombie )))) China is your friend and you want to conquer neighbors to get USSR power and most importantly RESPECT back ... Chill out, " world knows who you really are ...)
Respect for consistent position. I also truly believe, that Navi - Ence game would be mind blowing!
Astralis v NiP Map Bans
Maybe it's time for NiP to pick Cache> .. surprise*? Is there something to show?
OMG seriously, stop
nice !! See you in Semi's )))
Faze will butcher Navi
In your dreams ...
War between Pakistan and India
ha-ha ))) "Greece is very friendly bro" - tell this to Macedonia, who should change country name because of Greece position and blocking them from NATO entry... Or tell it to turkish people in Cyprus...
Ence: #Ez4Ence !!!! Liquid: #Ence?2Ez ....
Valve predicted updates?
Improve Galil (maybe by improving spray pattern)
Na'Vi vs FaZe
Born to NaVi ))
FaZe Will Win Agianst NaVi
An option ... quite unlikely to happen, but it's an option...
Are Astralis-guys still cheating?
Cheaters are keeping the game alive ! )))))))
Astralis in a bad spot
Someone used bacterial weapon in form of "sneeze that shit off!!!" in order to make Astralis non-competitive? Khhhm ... Was it done by purpose? More questions then answers ... Let's see which team ...
Most Beautiful Country in Europe.
+100500 ... massive amount of nice places in Ukraine
trash major
go for work, earn money and not spend time watching CS .. clever people said this will help to buy things you need in CS =)))
Who will replace AdreN after major?
CeH9 is back )))))))