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128 tick = lower fps?
No its just shitty cheap made faceit client going ham on cpu resources, use chrome
i7 3770 Gtx 960 500W 80+psu 2x4gb ram 250+ fps on 720p
Well im glad to hear that.
I have no idea who's the mentioned person
Its a murder, woman like anybody else should have no choice to kill, unless the pregnancy is directly dangerous for her life due to complications and such
Stefan Löfven
Rip, I feel sad for Sweden, pls brothers fight this cucks in power
Processor upgrade recommendation
Actually rx 580 is much better now, amd latest drivers are fantastic, especially because it's cheaper and have more ram
Processor upgrade recommendation
Csgo only cares about cpu mostly, gtx 1070 won't make a difference, but for other games and higher framerates, for sure yes
Processor upgrade recommendation
With that cpu 250+ for sure
FaZe huNter?
Bosnia is not a real country anyway lol
Why HLTV is filled with Alt-Right people
Logic and facts don't care about your feelings libt#rd
Processor upgrade recommendation
4790 is more than enough for easy to run game such as csgo, just get yourself RX 580(better than gtx1060), or rx 570 for 150$ new
iPhone sheep
Oxygen os is better than stock Android and feature packed af.
r8 german rap
That's not rap, its pop "trap" for weak beta kids. This is real German rap
Faceit Anticheat
Faceit AC is just rebranded SMAC, which is trash, and even VacNET is superior, dont wanna talk about ESEA... Majority of bans on faceit are manual by admins after demo reviews.... What do you expect f...