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girl advice
Imagine having a girl and she uses dog ear filter, ewww cant sleep now... Or imagine raising your daughter just to get popped by some MG2 who uses Reddit, n i g h t m a r e s my dude
girl advice
Actually im slovakian but whatever
girl advice
If she has a kid, just use her for sex and leave her once you are bored, especially if its a daughter... My biggest fear is to get daughter instead of son. Anywy what doni know, im a teenage wee...
use pen tool, select shoes carefully, finish the connection and click right click > make selection, then go to Select tab and choose inverse, CTRL+C and CTRL V to use it
r8 girl
decent body, but manly face liek most of br girls
pc for cs
(18+) CSGO Pro nude
Looks like her
GTX 2xxx Series
nah, it will rise even more, its not even close to its peak, miners are not only to blame, manufactures of nand chips used in gpus (Gddr memory )and such raised the production price for 40% as well....
GTX 2xxx Series
it will be more xpensive, but they wont be out soon, and when they come out miners will grab them like nothing...
VAC Banned ama
flag checks out
Russians and Turks
Turks look like arabs today
I play from 2000 when its released, rekt
Its new 4 cores i3 with better ipc than previous generation, its basically stronger i5-7600k... dont argue because you know nothing about components and their performance pls And tell your friend tha...
Then you are stupid af, sorry to say that, you had already gear perfectly fine for csgo... Im sure 7400 is giving stable 250~350 fps in csgo You could go with i3 8350K (4 cores) + 550W PSU + 1050ti, ...
Arsenal xD
MUTD LUUUUUUUL Only City and Chelsea are worth mentioning in international scene, City being the top class