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S1mple achievements lul
hahah because individual skill is more valued than a teamplay XD Its easy to get stats with bots in team (for example if you are 25yo semi pro basketball player in team with 12 yo kids, ofc that you w...
Real top 5 awpers
Guardian Oskar Simple KennyS Jugi Fallen
Danish superteam?
Stats based on player profile base (lan/online, head to head), device, while having over 1100 matches played have ~6,6k kills with awp, while Jugi has 5,8k in ~500 matches, stunning. Also its worth me...
Danish superteam?
Bias cant be called when facts are applied ... Device is mediocre awper, whos much much better with rifles, unlike Jugi whos pure awper and has no match indemark in that role
Danish superteam?
Jugi > device on awp position, by far, not even comparable, thats what he wanted to say i guess
Danish superteam?
On awp position yes, a lot better
Best Football League
La liga > overrated PL Also bundesliga is interesting af always
zonic on being nr1
Even tho i love my countrymen and think that they are in the best form ATM, I really think that this ranking is a biggest scandal on hltv . 2nd place at best, for sure but comparing previous results, ...
Overrated cities
Berlin=Istanbul, literally the same city with the same people. Incredibly ugly and dull, you can see the Soviet influence in architecture as well.
wide as her ass after FNX @ malmo DH
EnVyUs vs Heroic
At least hands down best awper, by far
EnVyUs vs Heroic
Shows why Jugi needs a better team and why its best player in Denmark
In ear earphones
around your phone ofc
Overrated cities
Paris Madrid Berlin