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Windows fall update performance boost
Holee shiet, csgo also has fps boost, from 330 avg in benchmark map to 380 fps avg, also feels much smoother overall
FPS after latest UPDATE
Just tested BF1, Total War Warhammer, PUBG and my gains are similar (a bit less tho)
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PUBG and similar games
last good cod for me was original bo....
FPS after latest UPDATE
-faster boot times -lighter system -better performance in 95% of games -faster snappier and more modern UI -better performing on older platforms -more constant updates and security patches how can y...
After trap porn yes, but here i am again in few hours...
FPS after latest UPDATE
Updated to creators fall update and my fps got increased up to 20% in all games try it
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Yes, if it's easy why not.
iPhone 5 Best phone of all time?
5s was the best in his time no doubt, after that feel like iphone just lost it... Other companies made huge leaps foward, especially Chinese companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, OnePlus, Oppo, LeE...
PUBG and similar games
You simply dont like it, it's a matter of preference. Same shit with me and newer COD's and Overwatch, just cant play it, getting sick after 30 mins... Starting to hate cs as well after 15 years of pl...
The Nazi army
They should never attac Rusia, they didnt learned from the past mistakes of Poles, Swedes, Napoleon etc... Those motherfuckers are too though
Is the Bible true?
That's a fiction sector imo
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Countries you never want to visit
Middle eastern countries Ukraine Kosovo Sweden Bosnia Georgia Brazil
Windows fall update performance boost
Also make sure that you use driver booster for updating chipset/drivers after instalation.