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Does your country's traditional media talk about e-sports?
rate new instagram photo
you look like you are having difficulty taking a load
FPS with this build
1060 ofc
FPS with this build
200~300. But its totally useless to buy i5 7500 atm. Get i5 8400 + H310m motherboard and you can get 300~500 easy
describe your perfect gf
Average looks, green/blue eyes, faithful. Nothing else needed
Islam ?
Muslims such as bosnians, indonesians are fine, even russian ethnic muslims. Arabs on the other hand are not, source of hate towards the islam
G4560 vs Ryzen 1200
better get ryzen 2200g APU which will do better than any of those combos if you are on such a tight budget
pc specs
That's fine, he will save 400$ then and still have pretty awesome rig, I had this built in my build list up to 1.3k$
pc specs
actually not so bad except ram and gpu prices.
pc specs
This will perfectly fit your budget, will play all games maxed out with ease, cool, quiet, no need for overclock, without gpu its even cheaper, so you can save some money
faceit shit
Not anymore, VAC is stronk and it takes 5 reports for player to get overwatched. They cheat equally on both platforms
faceit shit Vac is wayyyyyyyy more effective than Faceit AC as said
faceit shit
there is public ban list on faceit and vac stats as well. VACnet is wayy more effective since recently and faceit AC is laughable because best they can do is manually ban blatant players....
faceit shit
Looool faceit AC is worse than VAC buddy, Prime MM has less cheaters than Faceit free
faceit shit
MM servers > faceit servers. HiperZ hosting aka worst ever