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SS Overrated
My Steelseries Kinzu v1 still up and running like the first day, I only change gliders every 3,4 months. Also Ikari Optical which ive sold to my friend works as fine ! I think that you dont treat you...
Panorama UI
im nova btw, nt
310 for medium to large hands, literally flawless mouse, great materials, shape, sensor, buttons 110 has also great shape for smaller to medium hands, also a top sensor, but a mushy buttons Size/sha...
Panorama UI
there is no problem with cz, its problem with movement accuracy, which is too high with pistols pretty much hold W/A/D and mouse 1 adn you will obliterate your target
Panorama UI
doesn't affect fps in positive way, on the contrary you should see fps drops because of the source engine limitation, which will stress cpu even more instead of GPU. Already seen on benchmark map
Panorama UI
exactly, I feel that this is the last nail in the coffin, and they are not even aware what they are doing...
Panorama UI
Cant believe that they were working on this for a whole year... Any highschooler with minimum knowledge of Design and programming can make this in matter of few weeks, its so tasteless, unoriginal, lo...
Panorama UI
heck, wrong bump
4g (LTE) internet help
You can get ADSL ? Pretty shitty upload (up to 2mbps) but stability and ping is really really good
4g (LTE) internet help
4g has horrible delay and ping, it will always spike up and be unstable, its really bad option for gaming
Post your Panorama benchmark results!
ryzen 5 1400 @3.9 Non Beta: Average framerate: 420.76 Panorama Beta: Average framerate: 355.37
Please do not release Panorma UI.
+1 looks awful, worse than trade ban, last nail in the coffin apparently I hope that they will let us choose toogling new and old UI
best gpu cpu combo
With i7 4770k, especially if you overclock, more than 300 with ease, all other games as well with 100plus fps with 1070. Just get some decent cooler for the remaining money
best gpu cpu combo
Keep the 1st pc and just slap gtx 1070 and you have perfect combo, no need to upgrade. Invest some money in cooling the cpu and oc that beast