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CS:GO become shit game
Go back to playing 'Dress Up Barbie' then.........and stfu.
Reddit always crying?
I watched the Russian twitch stream. I don't understand a word of russian but I can follow the game with the sound turned down anyways
A quote from the video: "[ITALIC][BOLD]it may not be so useful but the effect is worth it[/BOLD][/ITALIC]" If it isn't useful how can the effect be worth it?
34-kills s1mple
But he's got to be able to do that consistently against good teams, and we haven't seen that out of him, or any of the Renegade guys yet.
What does this have to do with CSGO? Top Secret (1984) I have no idea if it's on Netflix
Steam sale????
might get 'Unpossible'
S1mple forced to use shitty Razer mice
wonder if he thought to change interp_ratio to 2 for that 100 ping. Nothing wrong with deathadder, except when you forget to take the plastic off.
IQ Test
138 I never get those questions about which number belongs, or doesn't belong in this sequence. I Got questions 6,14, 15 & 17 wrong
played great. Man of the match for sure.
Post a rare/unknown song you like
Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams
Why is asia so bad in CS:GO?
Black girl from France streaming
uppercut or right cross?
random rambo
which by definition automatically means he's better than 'decent' at CSGO
Is Windows 7 or Windows 8 better and why?
windows 10 will be a free upgrade from windows 8(8.1) and will feature DirectX 12
How old are you?
21 on weekends