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I r8 your nick
MACRON BEST <3 pretty much... the best
Russia wtf ?????????????????????????????????????????????
>Negative migration rate >Latvia > Russia in many aspects The difference between my comment and your reply is that I'm saying some general things on the topic while you start arguing about migrati...
Russia wtf ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Come on, I can understand why you don't like Russia, but saying that Russia is worse than Turkey is a bait or you are retarded.
Russia wtf ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Oh, thank you for this enlightening speech. I truly believe you are a certified specialist in migration and demography of the post-soviet countries. And I wasn't comparing Latvia to Russia but again...
Russia wtf ?????????????????????????????????????????????
You are a true reason why your countrymen with common sense are leaving Latvia.
Russia and propaganda
hey [ITALIC]anyone[/ITALIC], do you believe that the mainstream media in [ITALIC]any country[/ITALIC] is actually propaganda or do you think that thats the truth?
russia is a 3rd world country
6÷2(1+2) !!!!!!!!!!!!!
70 min
Immaturity, insults and no reasonable arguments. Should have seen this coming from a vegan. You should try eating fish, I've heard it improves brain function. Thank you, hltv, for the "ignore" button...
70 min
He is talking about reconnection between humans and animals. This "connection" has never existed. Humans and animal have been killing each other for thousands of years for many different reasons. An...
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
I'm not a big fan of rap, but you are so wrong...