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og hltv members come here
azk he is the french toast but the north american
Niko is getting carried by Rain
at blast 1.44 rating while igl most flash assists most opening kills, most dpr, kpr, kast stay deluded s0mple fanboi
blast pro miami was a tournament in 2017
bullshit astralis were sitting at home studying demos while the rest competed at starladder they were the best prepared team there
facebook down
using facebook in 2019 LUL
Triple ERA
yes but they will be in a big number of finals and beating lots of good teams in groups/semis the storyline will be astralis and faze winning everything with liquid always second
How to get up
go grindr, find qt trap with tight tushy invite to bed and make sweet love then u b full of energy
s1mple low rating?
imagine only getting a 1.18 rating while your entire team plays for u, u get dropped every time, u only bait and play for stats + awper truly a shit player
Astralis skip iem sidney
yes, they are scared of FaZe (Faze beats them every game in practice, now that they did it on stage they have the confidence to do it in tournaments)
Triple ERA
Triple ERA
i arent think that
baiting, awping, playing against tier 3, always playing for stats instead of his team great player I'd rather have a 1.10 rating player then some1 who only plays for highlights and stats
Navi ranking
NaVi is very bad not close to astralis faze or liquid
its no problem to turn 200 with low sens very his warmup he swipes very fast
NiKo >> s1mple
awp baiting eco fragging stat padding hahaha what a player stay mad p0mple fan
NiKo >> s1mple
p1mple fans on suicide watch....baiting around going for highlight plays.. 5 iq player not even his aim is good when vs tier 1/2 players