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navi > astralis
They sort of disappeared and personally, I don't expect any less. It's was a huge embarrassment on such a huge stage. Optic was one of elite organisation coming to India. Hopes are high with Entity Ga...
navi > astralis
That guy is one of a kind, balls of steel. Came from no where and suddenly he was all over the scene, wrecking everyone.
navi > astralis
I meant, Astralis is so precise and composed, on the other hand, Navi is such a chaos. More fun to watch!
navi > astralis
Astralis: Royal Army Navi: Guerrilla warfare xD
SK vs NiP
Message received, get_rekt fangay.
what you hate in your country?
512Kbps and Power failures? :D
How to become a good team/player?
You deserve a *facepalm* from God. -_-
India's First CS:GO team !
Intelligence = 0! Hence Proved.
India's First CS:GO team !
Cry baby. I know you are dumb, but this doesn't satisfy my question. Stop acting like a primitive race, coz you aint one. Now hold your shrunk penis and reply my question. [BOLD]Jackass![/BOLD]
India's First CS:GO team !
American's Aaah! fatheads imo. You need calculator for small calculations and they call us 'Low Intelligence'. Lemme prove you my point: Please solve - 4*4+4*4+4-4*4 = ?? My dear American, do...
India Movies LOOOL
How could I've missed this till now! LOL :D
i tried cs:go so what?
Like a Boss!! :D
CS 1.6 Movie Making Attempt
Thanks Milen. :)
CS 1.6 Movie Making Attempt
I think you got jelly, 20 years old Indian making more sense then a 27 years old Moroccan. Nice talking to you mate. Have a nice life.
CS 1.6 Movie Making Attempt
Cant two people have same name Mr. Hater?