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Super Update? GeT_RiGhT Facebook
gtr will get fresh implants? or what?
Need advice! About sex.
CS:GO is more and more popular
go home! you are drunk.
new shooting meachnism discovered by me
seems like a very strategic hard game to play. imagine the pracc needed to tap move and fire at once.
NiP wont lose
na'vi was at the first lan. they are catching up. fnatic was the last team switching to go. vg top 3 ftm, but they were cosidered to be absolute 2nd. not they are more like 3 all the time.
NiP wont lose
fnatic, esc and na'vi will catch up. if they still play, they will pracc to win and get money. with vg was only a vibe before the first game against nip. since then... banana.
NiP wont lose
and fnatic.
NiP Record ?
greatest ye. sk did something similar, but in 1.5 it was all about passion. 10 times more players playing 24/7 just to beat them. in go its like: meh, next lan in 2 months, we will play again then, cy...
This is why
Because if i create a clan now with my grandpa, a blind guy and my two cats, there is a big chance i'm top 2 already.
cArn twitted
that's what i've said many times. also, the biggest drama of "go" so far is VG - Na'Vi. even if they game had 7 overtimes, i've looked like it was a pracc game between 2 random teams with no names in ...
North-Korea to launch Nuclear Missile in USA Tonight!
american propaganda.
cArn - A CS teacher?
regardless of the stupidity of the thread creator, carn was a a very smart igl and player. fnatic always had a top team, despite losing star players to sk gaming. (tentpole, gtr, f0rest, delpan, gux -...
RattlesnK is shit imo - still overrated.
Not Gay
here, on this site, we don't use copy paste to troll. we are smart. so gtfo back to source Has anyone fapped to nonstop gay porn for...
How to stop upper rush on de_nuke
in go its easy to stop that rush. jump around and press fire. u might get 3-4 kills. jump around, jump around