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What TOSSPOT is doing right now.
He works at Twitch.
ELEAGUE Predictions
If you don't pick Astralis or North to win the event you will be excommunicated from Denmark.
Norway is fucking awesome and very different from Denmark, but also Sweden. Finland is not a part of Scandinavia btw.
hltv.ORG = SCAM?
Of course they work for profit, everyone who gets payed does. But the company probably doesn't make a big profit since they have to pay costs and salaries etc.
hltv.ORG = SCAM?
Not really. The site itself is a part of a registered company that has to report income and costs each year. Advertisement money is income, salary for staff is costs. The company then pays tax on the ...
hltv.ORG = SCAM?
How do you know they make profits? They are probably investing every single dollar they get from advertizing into salaries, travel costs and maintenance of the site. The people behind get payed becaus...
Just made an interview with the guy, so if you wanna get to know him better, check it out:
Muslim demonstration in Denmark
In Denmark everyone has the right to start a demonstration as long as they inform the police and don't break any danish laws while demonstrating. This ties in with Freedom of Speech which is common...
The Story Behind: Devilwalk
Let me know what you guys think! Sadly - i don't know much about his time in 1.6, so i focused on his CS:GO results :-)
CS:S History: Team VeryGames
Yeah, i noticed the sound dropping aswell - should be fixed for next vid. I'll work more on how to get the clips in (if i wanna use them) for future vids aswell. And for the whole KennyS/mK thing -...
CS:S History: Team VeryGames
That is my goal aswell. My opinions are probably less strong than Thorins, but i'll always do my best :-)
Envy vs Acer
It's pretty wierd they haven't announced stand-in before the game begins, that should be a requirement.
NA teams importing EU players
Bad link, good link is here:
Device in television
Device actually mentioned TSM getting a gaminghouse in this video, if you want the translation and learn more about it, check out this video it made: