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Na`Vi Harlem Shake
LOL!! XD!!!! After VODKA effect!
This might help you [Cs 1.6] How can I get rid of this? :/ ANd mouse movement is too slow, ANy solution for that? Edit: In server we noticed that, Steamers c...
Thanks HLTV
I bet You banned him! :P
ESC vs Curse
NiP vs VeryGames
Fnatic FragOut! Revenge Time VG! Gg!
Who will finally beat NiP?
OMG! There are actually a Lot of teams who have the potential to beat NIP now! Like VG,Ex-Mouz,Dynamic,CUrse.NA,4Nothing,Even ESC with some more pracs! I think NIPs victory streak will end soon within...
NiP vs VeryGames
OMG! Was waiting For this Match after Scream joined VG!! Hope he can make a difference! O_o Gl Vg! ^^ Good Luck NIP!
So just 1 match After the New Update, And You Haters bash upon Scream!! He Might be having a Bad day!! I Hope he plays like he used to!! ^^
Cadred User Stabs His Mum 14 Times
And what, it has to do with
800 Euros for who can help me. Dubai only
Some serious business is going on out here! O-o
VeryGames vs
Or The Fray? The Fray Much much better than the shit song by JB -.-
Anexis vs Curse
This lineup of Anexis is Sick, Better than previous one! Going to be close, but i think Anexis will take it. GL to Both Team! ^^ Gl NIco.
New update 9/1/2013
There is going to be a major update this or next Week.
do you believe in supranatural?
Yup, he can see through walls by using X-ray vision,No? Did u forget to add "sry sry insultes" to the above post? :/
do you believe in supranatural?
I know How to Teleport In Cs @.@"