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Putin is testing
For all of those who idealize USA and blaming Russia for doing the same http://assets.amuniversal.com/fcd96020860f013104a0005056a9545d?width=750
Why can't Ukraine join NATO
Abortion? Eutanasy in Belgium? No death penalty? It's normal for you? Central planning? It's really what nations of Europe wanted? We wanted to have free trade market, not punishing farmers for produc...
Virtus.pro vs Clan-Mystik
but that was pretty smart to boost up and being unseen for guy from connector :)))
Virtus.pro vs Clan-Mystik
pasha played his smartest liferound and then failed xDDD
Name of weapon
"Loosing my time and it will never be back"
Zowie Players
it was kinzu
american sanctions against Russia
Tusk is bigger hypocrite than all of them. Anyway, they will all be stoned in free Europe, soon.
Why can't Ukraine join NATO
Well, nowadays Europe is not civilised, we are killing childrens and defending murderers, it's ant-civilisation and EU goverment is full of communists and their doctrine is contrary to European values...
Why can't Ukraine join NATO
LOL, read about Syria http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Religion_in_Syria There are different parts of Islam and they are fighting against each other. Alawites' Al-Assad rules, when they are in m...
Respect to Poland crowd
sad most of people are patriotic only on matches, not in real life...
Why can't Ukraine join NATO
Syria is fucking run by a dictator and it's fucking good that US helps rebellions agains this wicked government. xDDD I loled, of course they invade other country and they lost big money because peop...
Pasha big player with big love towards fans
this guy is from my city, good to him :)))
VP has no bad player anymore?
brothers soon and noLAN could be in this lineup
Looks like Get_Right ?